Monday, February 28, 2011

Sneaking in a post before it's March!

So I am sneaking in this post so I posted more than once in February.  
Man this short month went by fast!

We went on a boat ride around Clearwater after we spent the weekend 
with Kimmy and her crew in St Pete.

We braved the record number crowd and stood with our friends and neighbors
 out on a sandbar in the banana river to watch 
the historic last launch of the shuttle Discovery.

 And we heard today that this little munchkin is not only walking...
but moving to Puerto Rico in a new months!  

Guess I'll be visiting my sis and slurping Pina Coladas at the same time soon!

March is my month and it starts tomorrow! Stay tuned :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

This and that I have neglected to post

 So today is Super Bowl Sunday. 
 First year in a long time I didn't even know who was playing tonight.
Work and "semi" single motherhood ( I do have my mom right down the way you know) has been keeping me really busy. Work has gotten really good by the way...I am starting to really get into it :)

Cooper got Lotso Huggin Bear and yes....LOVES him so! 
 He thanks me all the time "thank you Mommy for
 buying Lotso for me..oh and for finding Woody's hat!"

The strawberry scent is a bit strange I have to say.

Last weekend we were really busy having a great day with Meredith (I won't post Danny's picture as a Super Hero) and Robin and the kids came over.  
Chris and Cooper play so well together :)

This picture above so reminds me of Pop and Uncle Bobby.  
Sitting in the driveway....just "watchin' people".  
That gene pool is strong folks!