Saturday, May 21, 2011

Applegate Coupons Giveaway

As you know I have been making an effort to eat better in our home. Truth be told I am not perfect, old habits die hard but what I LOVE about Applegate Farms is that they have food I already eat and I can relax about the nitrates, antibiotics and other scary things I fear is in our food. You remember this post and the ramblings of my brain. Thanks you to all of you who reached out to me that you think similarly and are wondering about all these things too. There are plenty of blogs about healthy eating and I am blown away about how much I still have to learn. And let's remember...I am not one of those blogs. I am just a single mom, trying to make the right choices for my son and myself. I still eat too much ice-cream, have a hard time giving up Diet Cherry Coke and still believe chocolate should be a food group.  But, I am learning, I am trying, and I am excited that the Applegate products are soooo good!!  Seriously!  The Sunday Bacon is my current favorite :) I am eager to dig into my kitchen (by the way, demolition on the ceiling starts Wednesday!) and start whipping up new and old recipes using my new favorite brands.

What I love about Applegate Farms more than the Sunday bacon: their Mission:

To change the way America eats meat

We always embrace three important principles:
Taste. Strive to make the best tasting products with no shortcuts and only natural ingredients.
Truth. Conduct our farming practices with integrity and treat our animals and land with respect.
Trust. Tell all of our story. Provide transparency into our industry and to our consumers.

What struck me the most in the above was the "provide transparency to our industry and our consumers".  That's a biggy for me and I know for you all also.  I also want to remind you of #2.  When comparing a cheaper chicken nugget you may think the ingredients seem the same so it must really be the same... right????  It's the "truth" of their mission statement that is the different.  Farming practices are critical and to trust that the animals and the land are treated with respect speak volumes as to final products that this company provides.

 Oh and one more thing...I was thrilled to see on Applegate's website,  a link to the Healthy School Campaign. If you click HERE you can send an invitation to your State representatives to support healthy school food.  As they state they want congressional leaders to join them for Lunch.  "Samples of healthy, great-tasting school lunches designed by high school students will be served at a May 24 briefing on the role of funding for school kitchen equipment and food service training in creating healthy school meals, presented by Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) and The PEW Charitable Trusts." It only takes a second to fill out your information and the system auto sends it to the correct state representatives on your behalf...I hope you'll consider doing it as I did.

So...without further ado...let's have a giveaway!

I'm a simple girl ...with a simple small

First 20 people who comment on this blog post (so I know you whole 5 people are really out there...and mom you and Kimmy don't count!) AND go to Facebook and  "LIKE" Applegate Farms, YOU WIN one $1 off coupon. Once we pass the first're not out of the running yet!

TWO more winners will be selected at random of ALL the comments to win 5 $1 off coupons if you do all of the above as well!

 I also invite you just to be kind when you "like" Applegate Farms facebook page. If you are a customer, just drop them a note on their wall and tell them what products you love most...I am sure they would love the feedback as they are so connected to their customers.  Mention "Cooper's Corner Blog sent you" in your comment and you get 2 entries in the random drawing :)

Thanks everyone and I appreciate you passing on my blog and the giveaway to your friends and family!


Lynn Dorval said...

YEAH!! I love applegate bacon and sausage!! So excited to follow you on this journey!! :)

Myrtle's Mayhem said...

I have not found the nuggets at my publix but I will try them when I find them!! Xoxo

robinbrittagain said...

We love the nuggets and the sausage! The sausage is great for the ride to school in the morning! It is such a relief to know my kids are eating healthy, nitrate free meats!

Alane said...

I haven't been on fb much the past few weeks ... guess I picked the right day to catch up! Pick me, pick me!!! :0) Am I a winner?

Love your Blog, and what you are doing with Applegate - sounds like fun!


cheercfa07 said...

I've always wanted to try their bacon!


wcgator said...

I will start looking for Applegate products the next time I am at the store. Thanks for all of the information, Ann-Marie!

Stephanie said...

hey would love a coupon :)