Friday, September 24, 2010

Master Bedroom/Bath Reveal

Vanity (fabric covering over old desk!)

I am linking up today on Kelly's Korner and her "Show us your Life" series.

One night about a month the middle of the night I couldn't sleep. 
I was trying so hard to relax my mind and I was trying to decorate or think my "happy/creative" thoughts to keep myself from getting frusterated that it was 2 am and I was up. 
"One shoe can change your life" Cinderella.
In that thought process I thought "hmmmmm...this bed really should be on the other wall and I would have way more room if I twisted everthing to the left". 
By 2:10am I was up and dragging furniture like a LOON is the final outcome!

I am still loving the new bathroom wallpaper and paint, remember when 
 I showed you before and afters HERE. 

I LOVE these hooks I got at Hobby Lobby...they work perfect for my towels and I didn't have to drill a gazzilion anchors and screws into the wall. (That was the reason I had to wallpaper in the first place!  To cover past sins!)
Here is my favorite DIY door fix done "female style"!  Hang a curtian and tie back with a necklace instead of replacing the broken pocket door!  A gals gotta do what a gals gotta do!!
Hope you all enjoyed my Master Bedroom/Bath full of DIY tricks, Ross and TJ Maxx finds and old repurposed stuff :)

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