Saturday, August 24, 2013

1 st GRADE!

My BABY is in 1st grade!  Just writing that still overwhelms me!  I couldn't be prouder of the young man this boy is becoming, and to see him proudly walk into his first grade classroom was a joy.  Such a difference from the little boy I dropped off at Kindergarten in a new state at a new school.  This year, he OWNES the school, 1st grade brings confidence and I love seeing it. We are planning on a lot of fun activities this year so stay tuned for Cub Scouts, more karate and more adventures!

Summer....Oh where did you go?

We had an awesome summer!  I can't believe I didn't blog all summer but it was really because we were so busy!  We had Grammie and Rob in CO in May and Grammie went back to Florida in June. 2 weeks after she left, Cooper and I went to Florida for Jake and Pamela's wedding and then Kimmy and the kids came!  We stayed in Florida for 4 weeks and had a blast. 

Having the summer off from school was fantastic but I still wrote articles for so I was online ALL. THE. TIME.  Which is why I wasn't here posting.  I need to get back here, to keep my journal here so I am back to posting :)

Here are just a sampling of my favorite pictures from this summer...what a great relaxing one it will be remembered as! My first "real" summer off as an adult and it ROCKED!