Saturday, September 11, 2010


Humor me...I know I live on the Space Coast of Florida, I know it's hot....but it's September people! I had almost all of these things up in that attic just waiting to come out!!

I am dreaming of hot apple cider, pumpkin patches and a crisp cool breeze in the air.

So...I made a wreath to go on the mantle

and that sparked the flame to hang this on my mirror

and then I found all these leaves so I created this arrangment

in a pot that I once spray painted white from a dull gray.

I also had Cooper help me paint rocks from our yard with chalkboard paint
and we made our own Halloween rocks just like the onese HERE at Pottery Barn.

I gotta get back to Toy Story birthday planning...all this Fall decorating is making me want to eat candy apples and throw on a big comfy sweater!


Myrtle's Mayhem said...

I have our next "PB" project but it's stolen from Pier 1...will share tomorrow!

AnnMarie said...

yeah!! can't wait to see! i am ready :)

robinbrittagain said...

love it! i have the SAME wreath from your fireplace on my front door! have we been shopping at the same store perhaps???? we are getting excited for this weekend!! xoxo