Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013- New Years Eve

It's New Years Eve!  Cooper and I already celebrated at the Olympic Training Center here in Colorado Springs at the Pikes Peak Children's Museum event- Noon Year's Eve event.  We are heading to our friends for dinner but I hope to be home in my pjs by 8pm.  
When it comes to New Year's Eve- my couch is my favorite place to be!  
(Oh I just realized I get to celebrate at 10pm since we are 2 hours behind the east coast! YES!)  Happy New Years!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013- A Colorado Christmas

Chrissy and the kids joined us on Christmas Eve and we tracked Santa on the NORAD website!

We put out our milk and cookies :)

And after this photo above the kids went straight to bed to awake to......

 (PS- The dummy in the corner Santa brought for Brad...LOL...I know you will ask!)

Santa left a note to the kids, thanking them for the reindeer food they sprinkled out on the rocks for the reindeer!

We went on to eat and drink all day...I am still in recovery mode!  HA

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

 There are no words to describe the magic of the Royal Gorge Santa Express on Christmas Eve!  We were so blessed to get a call to join my boss from My719moms.com to come join them in the private dining car of the train to spend the evening with Santa himself on his busiest night of the year!  We took the one hour drive to Canon City from Colorado Springs to hop on the Royal Gorge Train for the magical 1 1/2 hour ride to pick up Santa at the North Pole.

ALL ABOARD!  The kids colored and sang Christmas carols, we ate dinner and played Christmas bingo!

Then we went out on the open air car to see the big man himself so we could pick him up.

When Santa arrived to our table, he gave us a bell from his sleigh and then the elves read us the story "The Night Before Christmas".  It was a magical night! 

We had also started the day at a fabulous church service at Woodmen Valley Chapel...it was a very special Christmas Eve.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Traditions and Cooper's First Sleepover

 This month we have really been enjoying all the fun activities like school and cub scouts parties, pj days at school and more treats than we can handle!

Cooper had his first sleepover when Cadence got to spend the night while her mom and sister were off snowboarding. The kids had a blast watching movies and being at their first "sleepover ever". 

I took the kids to the zoo the next day and the 30 degree temps kept the masses away, it was nearly empty as we had the whole zoo basically to ourselves.

Chrissy's new condo she is renting has black mold she found out 6 days before Christmas so I had her and her family with us until she found a place to go....the kids love being together anyway so they didn't care. 
We started our first annual cookie and bread making day at Greta's and all the kids loved being in the kitchen!

 Tommie our elf was VERY busy this year, leaving notes, eating cookies and using my camera taking pictures of Santa!  He was also happy to have Erin and Brad's elf come when they spent the night!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The BEST Christmas Gift Ever- Meet Figaro

Yesterday I told Cooper we had some Christmas "errands" to run and that we had to go pick up one gift for him that I ordered that was ready for pick up.  

The whole car ride over he had no idea where we were going, asking why we weren't heading in the direction of Toys R Us, he was sure what we needed was there!

We came into a vets office and he was still confused but excited.  After giving my name to the volunteers behind the counter, they brought out our sweet kitty!

 Cooper settled on the name Figaro (after the cat in Pinocchio of course!) and he has been a joy to have in our family ever since!
 Cooper loves him so much and so far he is a sweet, loving and cuddly kitty!