Friday, October 1, 2010

Show us your life....Dining Room

I am linking up today on Kelly's Korner again and her
"Show us your Life" series.

This week is to show your dining room, and I have had so many wonderful family gatherings around my dining room, I have decided to show some pictures that represent how much we live in this dining room.

2007- This is what the dining room looked like on the day we put an offer in.

2010- This is what the dining room looks like today.

This dining set used to be my dear Aunt Gracie's set.  After she lost almost all of her belongings and her home in the hurricanes of 2005, she moved and bought a lot of new furniture for her condo. This table and china cabinet were part of the "new" life stuff 
( I love that she bought all new stuff at the age of 90!)

I was lucky enough to get the china cabinet ( filled with her china of course!) and her table when she passed.  ( as well as other treasured pieces from her home).

I LOVE this table as we have had so many found memories around it in the 3 1/2 short years I have lived in this house. It blends so well with my other "kitchen" table and I swap out the chairs all the time.  

Our house is the birthday/celebration as you can see...lots of cake being eaten in this room!



Heather said...

BEautiful dining area! SO pretty and inviting, I love your furniture!

Brittany said...

love the dining set & cabinet, both gorgeous pieces!