Monday, October 11, 2010

Miami Weekend

Whew!  What a busy busy weekend!  Cooper and I went down to Miami with the Wise boys for Jake to go with Steve and Dan to the FSU/Miami game and I got to visit with Janeen, Amy and Jennifer and 7 little boys.

 As you can see Cooper had a BLAST with all the boys and loved every minute of the pool, crafts time and play time.
 I have been blessed to be talking a lot to Jake's Aunt Nancy (Hope and I LOVED spending time with her and going to her condo in Juno Beach and shopping with her in Chicago!) and she now LOVES Cooper and was so thrilled to have us for lunch and to take the boys to the local turtle hospital.

 As you can tell, Cooper is in full adoration of Nathan these days!

We wore the boys out and I can't brag enough about how amazing they were on the ride and really the whole trip.  We talked a lot about Hope and when the boys were's just good for the soul sometimes to "keep her alive" in stories and the boys just eat up anything about their mom.  Cooper proudly told them "Ms Hope , your mommy is in heaven with my Pop Pop and Nona and mommy daddy's, my grandpa."

It of course made me cry but it was too good of a weekend not to realize she was with us the whole way.

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