Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why I started to cry over underwear tonight

Don't call him a baby...and don't call him a little boy. "I am a big boy...right Mommy?"

I always tell him he is. He is a big boy, he goes on the potty, he goes to school, he went to Summer Camp, he's going to big school next year.  I must tell him this everyday, and on none of those days do I get sad about it. I am happy to have an independent, social, happy child as my son.  I am thrilled we go to dinner and movie, go shopping or to the beach, just the two of us and have conversation.  I love that we can "talk" now.  I love that the baby faze is over and I have a little person in my life. And I love that we sleep all night at least 8 hours :)

But my "big boy" really is a toddler.  And he is still too little to do a lot of things....until now.  How is it that kids spring up in the summer? The sun and fun must really get their little bodies growing because my toddler, likes to dive and jump in the pool now.

And the "Mommy watch me!!!!" is in full

And he is so proud he can't stop smiling!

 And of course he can't stop jumping!

And diving

 And swimming under water

 And he also can't stop growing! Which is why I went to Target to get new underwear among a few other things because some of Cooper's clothes are getting to tight.  "The dryer must shrink these Elmo underwear" I keep thinking. No...they are 2T-3Ts.  I have an almost 4 year old...who I also discovered, has tight 4ts in his underwear drawer too!  So....size 5T-6T was purchased without a thought...until I unpacked them.  They are for big boys.  They aren't small, they aren't for toddlers, they are for big boys.  Big boys that dive and swim and go exploring and pretend they are Captain Hook when I get to be Mr. Smee.  

So here I am tonight, taking them out of the dryer before putting them in his drawers in the hopes that they would shrink and look more like "little boys".  They don't, they still look big, they are a little big so far but they fit better.  And I got a little choked up.  My baby is growing, everyday "bigger and bigger" as he likes to say, right before my eyes.

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