Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mud Cakes, Spring Pictures and misc

Today was a small glimpse of spring, temps in the 50's and the sun was warm and bright. Late afternoon I caught Cooper and Brad making a mud cake, they had taken a hike in the backyard and then got the great idea to turn on the hose. Very little snow is left on the ground from last week but a little more may come tonight. 

The kids have been loving the warmer weather these last few days, "ITS SUMMER" Cooper has declared and it makes me laugh thinking of how in Florida this "warm" weather is winter.  You can see from the pic above, they have been out collecting deer bones ..oh these kids.

In my news, I turn 40 in 13 days.  I have been contemplating about that a lot and have this overwhelming sense of gratitude for all I have done in 40 years. When I think it can't be and I still feel like in my 20's I realize, nope, I've already done all that. I sense another post about it coming on :)

Cooper had spring photos taken at school a few weeks ago, like a good mom I only ordered the class photo and took illegal cell phone shots of the rest of them. Clearly it's the same shot with different backgrounds edited in...not paying for that.

In other news, I also took on a part time work from home job working for a mom's website locally called  A  nice little way to add extra income and be with Cooper after school and on weekends. I love it so far and laugh that my first article was about the Catholic Church and what I think the new Pope should do about the sex scandals.  
Way to start out on a heavy note right? ha

I haven't posted cell phone pics in a while so here are some fun pics of what we've been up to. A few highlights: The Chick Fil-A cow came to school, Dr Seuss week at school, dentist visit with the class bear (amazing kids dentist office I may add), my first big driveway shovel, Cooper walking his little girl friend to her bus etc.

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