Thursday, January 31, 2013

Twacking waskilie wabbits and other snowy Colorado adventures

Today after school Cooper and I went out in the woods and ended up following animal tracks. I know nothing of this sort of thing but he had a blast showing me around and leading me on an adventure.

Speaking of adventure, the Mustang was stuck at the house for 2 days this week because I couldn't get it out of the driveway with all the ice under the snow on our driveway. We walked to school one day and got a ride the other.

Besides not being able to shovel (they have some fancy machine thing at this house that I have no idea how to use AND no snow shovel I could find so that's why I was trying to make it on my own here, Florida girl 0 Colorado Snow 1) we are loving the weather to be honest. It's refreshing and so far a lot of fun...even I went sledding down the hill a time or two.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lots of make believe and the Ghost Town Museum

Cooper's been diagnosed with strep...we are on antibiotics but I feel bad....he was sick all week and it's the weekend again and I making him lay on the couch. After too many hours in front of TV I couldn't take it anymore and I let him go outside with Brad to play.  I found them doing this.  These pictures aren't staged, I just started snapping as they were playing finding treasure marked "X" with some wood on the ground.  I did ask them to stop and smile a few times and then I left them alone to play.

Then I got cabin fever. I found a Ghost Town Museum that is like 10 mins from the house. We went for about an hour which was enough time and we are back home on the couch.  At least we got out.  Erin is off with her friends and it was nice to do something with the boys that they really enjoyed. The movie about the Gold Rush, the "cowboy town"...they really thought they were reviving the wild wild west these two today.

It was a fun and memorable day :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Uncle Joey

We learned that my great Uncle Joey passed away.
It's sad to see an entire generation gone leaving very few behind. I was blessed to be raised among so many of my great aunts and uncles. He will be missed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sick days and Wigglers

We have been fighting a fever for the past few days...that's what I get for last week or so saying Cooper was the only one not to get sick. Oh well!

The weather has been amazing here, in the high 50's and sunny and I feel bad about being inside in pjs for days but what else can you do?  I am enjoying this down time.

As you can see from my blurry cell phone pics we have shark teeth going on and a VERY LOOSE wiggler he won't pull out. It grosses me out. ha

So we are laying around, watching tv, wiggling a tooth that the tooth fairy has been eager to see come out :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mommy and Cooper day - Children's Museum Denver

 Today as you can see from Cooper's calendar, he had the day marked for me. 
Mommy Day. 
It was a beautiful day and I decided it would be nice to take a drive up to Denver to the Children's Museum.  I can't say enough great things about was really fun!

 It was completely hands on and interactive, his little mind was in make believe all afternoon there!

I haven't really been to downtown Denver since Mom and I went years ago to an ASAE Conference when I worked for ISPE, so after the museum we drove around a bit.  
It was a great day :)

(sorry all pics are cell phone, I am getting lazy with carrying the big one!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Magical Woods

We are back from Florida and back into our routine.  It's nice to be back at school and having that long of a break was amazing!  Everyone in our family managed to get sick (minus Cooper -knockonwood!!) so we felt bad for the end of our trip. We came back to temps in the teens and a little snow but it's really not been that bad.  Today after school Cooper wanted to go out and play in the woods, so off he went (he is layered just so you know in thermals under this clothes....but he "ISN'T COLD" he insists at least 1,000 times a day when I try to bundle him up)!