Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lots of make believe and the Ghost Town Museum

Cooper's been diagnosed with strep...we are on antibiotics but I feel bad....he was sick all week and it's the weekend again and I making him lay on the couch. After too many hours in front of TV I couldn't take it anymore and I let him go outside with Brad to play.  I found them doing this.  These pictures aren't staged, I just started snapping as they were playing finding treasure marked "X" with some wood on the ground.  I did ask them to stop and smile a few times and then I left them alone to play.

Then I got cabin fever. I found a Ghost Town Museum that is like 10 mins from the house. We went for about an hour which was enough time and we are back home on the couch.  At least we got out.  Erin is off with her friends and it was nice to do something with the boys that they really enjoyed. The movie about the Gold Rush, the "cowboy town"...they really thought they were reviving the wild wild west these two today.

It was a fun and memorable day :)

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