Thursday, January 31, 2013

Twacking waskilie wabbits and other snowy Colorado adventures

Today after school Cooper and I went out in the woods and ended up following animal tracks. I know nothing of this sort of thing but he had a blast showing me around and leading me on an adventure.

Speaking of adventure, the Mustang was stuck at the house for 2 days this week because I couldn't get it out of the driveway with all the ice under the snow on our driveway. We walked to school one day and got a ride the other.

Besides not being able to shovel (they have some fancy machine thing at this house that I have no idea how to use AND no snow shovel I could find so that's why I was trying to make it on my own here, Florida girl 0 Colorado Snow 1) we are loving the weather to be honest. It's refreshing and so far a lot of fun...even I went sledding down the hill a time or two.

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