Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mirror Mirror on the .....crib

We know one the greatest lessons in life we learn is to love ourselves as well as others. Some of us are still practicing this lesson ( I just returned from my 6 weeks post op and my weight was SHOCKING to me...not sure why..I knew the baby was 5 pds 9 ounces not 30 pds...but...I digress).

This week Cooper discovered he can spend quality time alone looking at his mobile, lights and now a mirror toy we added to the crib. He can spend more time in there looking and talking to himself then in the swing if you let him. I caught him talking to himself just now in his crib and had to snap a picture of course. I was thrilled to catch him sticking his tongue out at this "other baby" in the crib. He has been in there about 1/2 hour now cooing and talking, a great noise to hear in the house instead of the repair man fixing the leaking roof. Since we have had so much rain, this old house finally demanded me to call in the repair man so he has been here since 8am. Can't wait for this bill, we had to get a new pool pump yesterday...when it does poor.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Yeah Red Sox!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baxter the Vicious Attack Animal

My dad always called Baxter a vicious attack animal and Baxter would jump up on the couch in this very spot and "talk" howl at my dad as if to say...."I may be small but I can be tough if I have to." Well, this smart, quick, jumpy little shitzu turns into mush around Cooper and lets him lay all over him now. Can't wait to see when Cooper gets bigger.

3 days before my dad passed away, my sister tucked Baxter in a large tote bag and snuck him into ICU to see my dad. We snapped this picture from my sister's camera phone. Now 2 months later, Baxter is a human pillow for little Cooper.

Funny how a free little rescue dog can become such an important family member.

Friday, October 26, 2007

How to use a blog

For those of you in my life who have never seen this before...once you access this blog...just save this link in your favorites on your computer and come back to visit this same link as much as you want. When I post new things, it will be here and you can see the new photos etc. If you want to post a message to me, there is an area that say "post" and you can type a note but you don't have to get so fancy...I know this is new to many of you so just save this link and come visit it when you want to see new pictures of the Coop! Just keep scrolling down to see all my posts, the new posts will be at the top of the page, the links to the right will show a history of all the past posts and you can access them forever if you want to go back and look. Any of the pictures I post you can click on and you can view the picture larger and see it better.

Here's a new picture for you for today :) I know he was born at 5 pounds 9 ounces but now he is getting so long and finally looking big to me. He is not really big but I see him growing..he is eating 4 ounces each feeding and can sleep up to 6 hours at night...we are SOOOO lucky to have such a good baby.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

1st Post

Ok, I swore to myself I would NEVER do this and create a blog. I don't know why...I read everyone else's business on their blogs and love it but I never wanted to put myself "out there". Now that I am making everyone I know crazy emailing photos of the baby (5 weeks old this week) I have decided to create "Cooper's Corner" and let you all check in to see new posts and pictures when you want to. Meredith...I know you too are a blog addict and this new crack is too good to pass secretly love it I know!

I am on maternity leave for another 2 weeks and I am so behind on taking friend's phone calls ...I hope you all can log into the blog when to you want to check on us to see how we are doing and then I won't feel guilty about taking my time to call you back.

So.....tonight we went to the Pumpkin Patch. I took a million pictures as usual are a few to share. After, we stopped to surprise Grandma and Pop to show them Cooper's cute outfit....Pop loves him so much it has been so fun to watch them together. An infant and a 90 year old interacting is very entertaining, both closer to heaven than the rest of us...Cooper just fresh out, Pop (no offense) close to on the way back in. Just the circle of life is truely amazing to witness when you really think about it.

We are all having so much fun with Cooper at 5 weeks old, I can't imagine how we will do when he actually does something to photograph and video instead of just laying there being cute. We are obsessed with this new life and I am sure we will be forever.

So enjoy and keep coming back...I hope to keep this up as much as I can.