Sunday, January 31, 2010

Remember When....

We are still cleaning out Grandma and Pop's house. There are too many pictures to scan...too many memories to talk about... and too much recent loss to keep looking at them all.

From looking at all of these I have been reminded:
1) My dad had chicken legs and always put on a show for the camera
2) My mother has always been beautiful
3) My sister was always my best friend
4) My grandpa was more handsome and more active then I realized at the time
5) My grandma always wore old lady shoes...even when young.
6) My Dorothy Hamil haircut made me look like a boy and I was SO tan from1980-82!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seeing Shamu

Saturday, instead of going to Tampa (hope you feel better Robin!), we went to Sea World instead. We love our passes and took our time just wondering the park. Cooper was amazed that Shamu "wet the kids" as he keeps telling me. We watched and laughed one row up from the "splash zone". We spent the beautiful day enjoying ourselves in the park taking in all the animals, letting the ducks walk up to us and playing in the fountains!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What happens....

when you leave a 2year old alone....

in his room for just a minute...

thinking he is playing so nice and quiet with his cars?

You end up in washing diaper rash cream out of this hair all night!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moving On

I am nuts. Just to put it out there if you didn't already know. My mom and I are both nuts...the apple doesn't fall far you know. We started thinking about moving on....what to do with the overwhelming amount of stuff in my grandparents house...where to start. We started with decorating. I took things my grandmother had labels on for my mother that mom didn't want. Yes, you read that correctly, years ago my grandma labeled the back of furniture, paintings, mirrors, tables etc for just this time when she was gone and we had to empty the house. A true control freak to the end that I said...the apple really doesn't fall far now does it? and I moved stuff..and rearranged stuff....and moved some more. I guess that's our way of moving on.

The mass for my grandma was Friday morning. It was not an easy day. Fr Farrell brought up my Dad, Hope, Aunt Grace, Pop and of course my grandmother. Nothing like shining the big ol' light on the fact I feel like the "Grim Reaper". But...I know this time if my life is over. Like I said...I am moving on. And this is my little "helper" little "Mover".

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good Ol' Days

It's COLD outside! Today we had freezing rain and even SNOW in Cocoa Beach! We never left the house or our pjs really for that matter. Our internet was down most of the day and we left the TV off. It was nice. We played, napped and put the final Christmas decorations away.

We spent hours playing playdough, with Rob's old matchbox cars and reading. Today felt like the good ol' days, doing nothing, staying in and just being in the moment. Can't wait to do the same thing tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My grandma died today at 12:05pm. 12 hours shy of her 92nd birthday.
I will remember my grandma the way she was here in these pictures. The fun, supportive, strong, loving and empowered woman that she was. She made sure her grand-daughter grew up knowing she could be anything she wanted to be, Miss America, a doctor or a lawyer if she wanted to be. For that I am forever grateful....for she helped me become the woman I am today.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What we've done so far in 2010

Nothing....and we love it :)

It's been in the high of 50's and low of 30's this weekend so we haven't really left the house much and rarely have gotten out of our pjs. It's been so nice doing and thinking of nothing. I have chili in the crock pot today and am glad to have another grey, do nothing day.

Cooper has been playing with all his Christmas toys. He loves his "pillow pet" as you can see from the picture above and he begs me every hour or so to "ope" his "piedoe". He is a playdough crazy kid as well as loves the cars, firetruck and has been coloring his Scoobie Do coloring book.

We have been watching alot of movies and napping....ahhhh...the good life :)

Here are a few more pics from Christmas of our gifts...Nana's nightlight is a big hit and we use it every's the perfect light for Cooper's big boy room.