Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moving On

I am nuts. Just to put it out there if you didn't already know. My mom and I are both nuts...the apple doesn't fall far you know. We started thinking about moving on....what to do with the overwhelming amount of stuff in my grandparents house...where to start. We started with decorating. I took things my grandmother had labels on for my mother that mom didn't want. Yes, you read that correctly, years ago my grandma labeled the back of furniture, paintings, mirrors, tables etc for just this time when she was gone and we had to empty the house. A true control freak to the end that I said...the apple really doesn't fall far now does it? and I moved stuff..and rearranged stuff....and moved some more. I guess that's our way of moving on.

The mass for my grandma was Friday morning. It was not an easy day. Fr Farrell brought up my Dad, Hope, Aunt Grace, Pop and of course my grandmother. Nothing like shining the big ol' light on the fact I feel like the "Grim Reaper". But...I know this time if my life is over. Like I said...I am moving on. And this is my little "helper" little "Mover".


Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

Here's to moving on!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Wow, how pretty. Now all that table needs is a leg lamp instead and you'll be all set. Tell Robbie I love where HE put the clock. xoxo kimmy