Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Everything old is new again

For the past few weeks, I have been painting like a crazy woman. I have no idea why or how it started but I can't seem to stop.  It first began with a few bottles of spray paint in fun summer colors. ( above pic I painted the red chair, the step stool, even the candle holder in the background)  I felt like things around the house needed to be spruced up.

Or worn down...I took Phina's old gold mirror and tried to make it "shabby chic".

Then I went after my table tops for the same effect.

Then I moved outside...the terrible "do do" brown paint trim on my back porch was killin' with two fresh coats of bright white the trim is shiny and new!

But then came Cooper's room....sad to say the baby blue that Pop painted was feeling old and when Kevin repaired one wall it needed painting anyway so....

Cooper even got in on the action with some light switch covers (in chalk board paint)

So....sprucing up and painting is still in full affect...not sure what I'll grab a hold of and paint next.

 Hide your kids and small pets!

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