Monday, October 25, 2010

"Trunk or Treat" and the post full of stuff

Well it's been a busy few days around here.  

We celebrated Fall and Halloween early at Cooper's School and the annual "Trunk or Treat".  I love to look at back and past Halloweens and our time at the Grace Trunk or Treat event...check out 2008 when Cooper went to the patch, 
and then when Grant came to visit. and then again in  2009.

 We were lucky to have Robin and the kids come over, 
Cooper and his "CoCo" have so much fun together!

We celebrated Taylor's 18th birthday and I took her senior pictures and did a ton to add to my portfolio.  You can check out more on my photography website.

We got a package in the mail from Auntie April and the family so Cooper did a video to thank them..check it out below.  You can tell I am sick in the video....I am STILL trying to get over this terrible sinus infection.  URGH

One last thing...don't forget you can still vote in the GAP contest!

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