Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

What a crazy weekend!  Friday I volunteered a Cooper's school and helped with the Halloween parade and then the party in his classroom.  It was so much fun but man....a lot of crying kids!  I think most were afraid of each others costumes! Ha!  Preschoolers are a strange bunch!  Sheriff Woody was a rock star.....having a blast :)

Friday  night we went to Rochelle and Jake's neighborhood party (I like to be reminded how the other half live from time to time!) Where there were pony rides, games, food, hayrides...the whole 9 yards.  But Cooper got a fever Sat we missed Brody's 5th birthday party and went to the drs. Yes, AGAIN.  It's still viral at this point but the cough could be dangerously close to settling in to pneumonia so we are keeping an eye on it.

Samantha, Nolan and Cooper

So tonight, we had Grammie over for a Halloween dinner (we are trying to replicate my grandmothers home made macaroni and cheese) and we went around the block trick or treating.  It seems like we have been celebrating Halloween forever.  Preschool celebrates for a few weeks I guess.

this scary picture is for Grant and Grayson to see their crazy Grammie as a witch!

So Woody bids you all a rootin' tootin' bye bye. It's been fun but we are retiring our Woody costume to the dress up box....but the boots...they are a wardrobe staple!

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