Monday, September 27, 2010

Out Yonder

In 1979 it was rare to find a true Floridian in Florida. As this transplanted Jersey girl found her way around the south, our neighbors often hailed from Alabama, Georgia and other colorful "Confederate States" and they used to like to say.  It was back then that this "Yankee" first heard the term "Yonder". 

"Darla...go out yonder and git ur daddy a beer". (Actual quote might I add - Ha!)
It took me FOREVER to figure out where "Yonder" was!

Last night while stepping out "yonder" it was amazing to me that just a simple trip outside
 let us to ponder our....


From the big blue sky overhead
to the small "seeds" on the ground...

we explored....

It  is always an adventure 'round these parts when you live with a cowboy.

Now excused me....I gotta go 'round up these critters

 out yonder.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! I love this. So glad Cooper is enjoying the things "out yonder". Pretty soon he'll be asking you to help him color with his "crowns" LOL!!!

robinbrittagain said...

i'm loving all your posts and looking forward to the pumpkin patch and trick or treat! <3