Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why I gave my neighbor a heart attack and why I can barely move

This picture above is why my neighbor came running out 
of her house yelling, "Oh my you aren't moving are you??"

This is why.  
I got this wild hair this morning to finally move some furniture out of my grandparents house and into my house before the next renters move in. Thankfully, Rob was visiting with Cooper and his parents today, so I thought I'd get a U-Haul and Rob could help me move the stuff before noon and then we'd all visit.

 I LOVE this furniture, I always have.  
But moving 2 bedroom sets in, 2 out to other places and then moving all the furniture around to see if I liked it.  ALL DAY LONG it took. Oh and one other thing...

 I moved my previous dresser into the dining room in place of the plant stand (that is back outside in the porch). Now I can put all my table linens etc in there.

 Moved Pop's tall dresser and Phina's long dresser into my room, 
now I have soooo many drawers!

 I feel as worn and battered as the base of the old hope chest!  

We then moved other stuff back to my grandparent's house because of course it's rented furnished so it

 Besides the fact that I can barely type this post and I am sure I will be so sore tomorrow I won't be able to move...all is well :)  Batman as you can see has been flying around our yard...with his head looking back at all times.  Gotta make sure his cape is flying in the wind you know :)

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