Saturday, April 30, 2011

Launch party for launch that never-was

So I got myself all excited about the Shuttle this week. On the heels of having another dear friend battling cancer, I needed something to DO I guess. Something to MAKE. So, I focused on the shuttle launch, the last for the Endeavor and I invited everyone I could think of!

My old Tampa roommate and co-worker Kim came over from Sarasota with her boys who are 4 and 5.  Cooper so loves having new friends come play. He is still asking about my friend Anne's little boy Sam, and is so glad when they are 5 and under ...little "like me" he says. We really do spend a lot of time with kids 6 and older so he likes kids closer to his age.

 Aimee's friend Lynn and her family came over too! 
Lynn and I caught up on blog love and chatted over decorating, food and of course, more blogs :)

All my other friends called or texted me "too much traffic, meet you at the secret spot, going out on the river on my friends boat" in response to my invites for my big launch party. Then those texts turned into "LAUNCH SCRUBBED", "No Go", "Party at your house Sun if goes up?"

I was sad for my guests, both who traveled from Orlando and Sarasota to come.  But we made the best of it and the kids had fun! Kim and I took the boys to the beach where I did impromptu photo shoot of her boys and then we went to Grills where I maintained by wine buzz with a nice fresh glass of Sangria and my favorite Caesar Salad with seared Tuna.  Cooper ordered his "Psgetti" per usual also.

 After getting up early for the Royal Wedding and celebrating the launch that never-was, 
I was was a long day!
NASA is saying maybe Monday....but by then the Obama's are already gone but the hype will rise again I am sure.


Lynn Dorval said...

THANKS again for the invite!! Even though we didnt see the launch it was a nice day!! I am so excited I made the blog!! LOL Still waiting on those links for the 2 other blogs we talked about!! :)

AnnMarie said...

The Nester is on my sidebar, where we talking about that one right? And you may not like the Anti-site. I haven't participated in days, it's hard to keep up but it's all in the comments section: just don't give her clicks, you can click on her blog through the link on the mwop page from the top right sidebar. :) I get crazy mad if she gets clicks and $ for her "audience" she is nutso! :) hahaha