Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Week 2011

Cooper and I have been busy the last week or more doing Easter things and spending a lot of time with friends and adding some new fun adventures for just the two of us!

Last weekend, I took Cooper to the Hidden Acres horse stables, where you get free pony rides with a donation to their thoroughbred rescue program. 

Cooper LOVED riding, we were the only ones there after formal lessons and one of the owners took Cooper around for almost 20 minutes.

She taught him how to approach horses, feed them and then he got a mini lesson on how to sit, hold on, balance etc. He was so serious listening to her and was so happy on that horse.

    Woody, Jessie and Bullseye waited in the car..
they didn't need to get all dusty like we did! 

We have a new reading spot now for our before bedtime books.  Just so you know...we can't get enough of Dr Seuss right now...specifically "The Lorax".

Last weekend we stopped at Pop Pop and Phina's house, the gardenia bush has been flourishing since it's been unattended! 

But "the ring game" just looked quiet and neglected.

Mom and I took Cooper to the church's Easter egg hunt last weekend also.  He had a ball and man have we been eating too much candy!  
Great on the heels of my last post about wellness right? 

Thursday night was family dinner night for the gang to get together.

I hosted this month but did a beach picnic instead of having everyone at my house.  Main dishes consisted of, grilled chicken sandwiches on Cibatta bread with pepperjack cheese and pesto with hummus and pretzel chips for the adults and Applegate Farms ham and cheese or natural peanut butter sandwiches for the kiddos. 

Plenty of healthy munchies were there too but mostly the kids ate the cupcakes Rochelle brought filled with pink icing to announce they are having a GIRL! and candy out of the Easter eggs from the hunt. Oh well I tried!  I mostly drank my sangria to be honest! It was a long week :)

 It was a really great night! Besides "the schlep" I made with all the stuff down to the that was exhausting by myself so I was smart enough to ask for help on the way back up!

Friday my dear friend from ISPE visited, and then on Saturday was the Annual Easter Bunny visit and day with Meredith and Brody!

(sorry this picture is so bad, it's a pic of the pic and downloaded from facebook)

Then today was Easter Sunday...Cooper was so into it this year and "got" that the Easter Bunny was coming!

It was a great busy busy week or so. I am truly blessed!

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