Friday, April 29, 2011

Yeee Haw .....we went to a Hoedown and a Royal Affair

 Last night was Cooper's school's yearly fundraiser.  You can image how thrilled we were for the Hoedown theme and the chance to wear our Uncle Bobby cowboy boots officially!

 Obviously, Cooper sang his heart out.

I could hear him with the funny "deep" voice he does just singing as loud as possible! 
Somehow I think he got my "ham-bone" gene :)

Speaking of ham-bones...this morning, Lady Josephine Muffin Cherry and
 the newly crowned Duchess of Godiva (formerly Lady Mabel Muffin Cherry)
watched the royal wedding this morning together via Skype. 
We had a grand old time :)

Today is a BUSY day!  We are getting ready for friends to come over, have a shuttle launch party and watch the final lift off of the Shuttle Endeavor.  Duchess Godiva may need a nap!

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