Monday, April 4, 2011

March marched on.....

March flew by! are some pictures to show what's been going on.

 I have been crazy with all the rooms!  Since I am convinced we have a mold problem now that I had the roof repaired, we are about to have Cooper's room ripped apart and my kitchen. So once those walls are re-modeled more decorating will be done for sure!

 These pics are from a spring carnival they had in the mall parking lot...we went last Sunday night and Cooper rode the "tea cups" for the first time...we had a blast.
For my birthday I took that Friday off and  I got an early morning massage, met Rochelle and her kids and Hope and Jake's boys at the beach before she threw me an 80's bash party. The kids had fun making a band for me and playing along to 80's music.  Cooper loved the drums.

 (I love this picture and how little boys play!)

Rochelle went all out with party favors, gift bags for the kids etc.  

Cooper has still be obsessed with Toy Story....Woody/Buzz :)

Aunt Mary is loving her time at's me and some girls from work.  She loves to look at old pictures and loves when Cooper comes to visit.

Cooper and I opened the pool this weekend!

I need to try to blog more...I realized I need to keep journaling because time flies fast!

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