Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ragweed and Dust Mites and Pollen...OH MY!

In my search for answers as to why I have been sick for the past year with sinusitis literally every 6-10 weeks, today was my allergy test. 

Sorry for the photo quality but when my arms weren't feeling itchy and on fire, I grabbed my phone and snapped just 2 shots. 
This one ....of well....2 of the 40 shots I got in my upper and lower arms.

These were all the bottles of dander, grasses, weeds, trees and molds that I got injected with twice. Once on the lower arms and then if you don't have a large reaction you get it again. I was lucky enough to get all but 3 shots, twice.  I shouldn't call them "shots" they were "pinches" under the skin but there was blood on each spot and it was uncomfortable.

 Tonight I am rocking small marks in a large rectangle shape, but earlier today each pin hole was more red and swollen, itchy and burning like. Both arms, outside upper part and inside lower part. Nothing like spending the afternoon feeling like you are 
getting eaten alive by bugs. 
Joy to the world!

I get the final results of my CT scan and this allergy test next Friday.  We shall see what the ENT says then..of course since I have been seeing the Dr....I haven't been sick. And he hasn't done anything but rack up my co-pays. Isn't that the way it always is?

We are gearing up around here for Disney on Mother's Day.  Cooper is so excited to see Woody and Buzz and I am SO excited to see him, see Woody and Buzz. He even asked to bring Woody to sit in the Disney stroller with him. 

I leave you with a video (taken before the "new to us" furniture) of Cooper playing and singing in his room.  I have to hide when he plays because if he sees me he'll stop.  This is the only one I could all the others he is doesn't have pants on!  He has been playing/singing/drumming in his room alone for long periods of time and it's SO nice. He loves to act out any movie he's watched, lately it's Yogi Bear (I am Cindy or "Mr Ranger") but Toy Story does still win at least once at day EVERY SINGLE DAY.  He also plays really well with those little action figures. He doesn't care what kind they are he can make them any character he wants.

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