Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dino-mite! and other news not so great

Target clearance is the best! This $12.00 is the best we have spent in a while...Cooper is totally entertained for the weekend thanks to the "ROAR" in our family room :)

On a totally opposite has been a tiring week. Pop is now with hospice at the hospital and my Uncle is here from Texas. Thank God for modern medicine as I am not having any anxiety in the hospital as I had before now that I have been taking some meds. With my dad and Hope's passing in the last 2 years, hospitals and the death process is not something I have been handling well. This time around, with Pop at 91 years old with his heart failing, I feel more prepared. Death is never an easy thing to handle but watching someone in ICU knowing they have had a full healthy long life sure is easier then the other things I have been through recently. I said....God bless modern medicine and anti-anxiety drugs. I am not in full blown panic just hearing the beeps and noises like I was a few months least that is a positive thing.

Keep Pop and our family in your prayers.


Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

God bless you! I know anti-anxiety meds are the best. They just take the edge off and that is all you need. I hope Pop passes peacefully... I know he has lived a very full life and is just so tired.


robinbrittagain said...


Love to Pop xoxo