Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthday weekend :)

We had an awesome birthday weekend! I made Cooper an Elmo cake and we spent great quality time with family and friends. It was a nice relaxed and happy weekend with Cooper overwhelmed by the number of toys he got...all of which are his favorite. We played "put the sticker on Elmo", beat a pinata, played sidewalk chalk and had a little "dance party". We are all still sporting our Seasame Street tatoos...Grammie has been scrubbing at her's all day :)

Today, we went with our out of town guests to Ron Jon and then the park. Cooper is napping as we are all relaxing and watching the Patriots game. Thanks to everyone for the great gifts and for some family for coming from out of town! We love you xoxox

Robin and April- note his outfit today...Pats shirt and he is LOVING his Crocs :)


Lynn Dorval said...

Happy Birthday Cooper!! We watched the Pats game too!! :( So sad that could not WIN for Cooper in honor of his Bday!! LOL

robinbrittagain said...

We had SOOO much fun!!! xoxoxo