Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wonders never cease....

It was a picture perfect day today here in the Sunshine State. High of 76 degrees and lots o' sunshine. Not to enjoy the day outside would have been a sin so Mom and I were shocked when Grandma agreed to come out with us to the zoo...wonders never cease!

Cooper loved the "vet in training" area. He worked in the food prep area for a long time while other kids buzzed around him taking stuffed animals' blood pressures and administering band aids to injured stuffed sea turtles and other plush animals.

He got his face painted like a cat and of course we visited the petting zoo.

Grandma slept in the car there and back but seemed to perk up every now and then and even said she really enjoyed the day....I am sure all the sunshine and stimulation tired her out. Even I napped this afternoon when I got home. It ended up to be a great family Sunday :)

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