Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mommy, I do it

There's this famous story of when I was a little girl and my uncle wanted to wash his car with me. My grandma used to show me the picture and tell me over and over how I would say "I do it" and insist I help my uncle wash the car. My guess is I was 2 1/2 or 3 ish because today....Cooper said "Mommy I do it" all day long! As I cleaned the garage he was right with me....wanting to sweep and of course dance to music he was signing but still ...he wanted to be right there. Kimmy, Grant and Grayson are coming for about a month over the summer, so while I cleaning, I dragged out Cooper's old highchair and was shocked by the filth. Before I knew it Cooper had a rag, was sloshing the water in the bucket and was insisting "Mommy I do it"....for a second I heard Phina's voice and could see her showing me that 1970's photo of me and Uncle Bobby.

Cooper and I did alot of sidewalk chalk today too. He made me draw our family. Mommy, Daddy, Cooper, Baxter, Nana, Pappa...but Grammie's picture....that one made me laugh. He told me not to forget the glasses!

So......... there's my amazing chalk drawing of Grammie :)
PS- Don't you love my new summer/house Crocs? LOL!

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Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

Love the crocs. Gotta look for a pair for me. Sounds like a good day!