Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Full- The Christmas 2010 Edition

It's coming to be THAT time of year.  
You know, the time of year where you start to get reflective on your life 
and how another year has come and gone. 
 How you start to question, what did I do with my life these past 365 days?  
I am in that reflective mode this week.

 I know I am again full after a holiday...full in the best way possible.  Full of  love and gratitude to be surrounded by people who inspire me, make me want to be a better person and who love me for who I am.

 I love that in a year of divorce, I get to still be an aunt to amazing children
 whom I have grown to love so deeply.
I am full with love for this girl and her siblings and her cousins.

 I am full literally of amazing Italian Christmas cuisine that reminds me of my roots and makes me smile that this is the same picture that has been taken in my family for generations.  The faces age and change from generations but it's really the same picture...same food, same traditions, same blood line. 

  I am full of admiration for my mother, her strength in the shadow of grief and her ability to help me raise Cooper to be a fine young man who I can already tell is above and beyond his 3 whole years.

 I am full of love and amazement at this little boy whom I am so very lucky to call mine.  To think I lived a time on this earth without him....it's crazy to think about my life before.  I know that the person I am today is certainly not the person I was then, and with that thought, I am excited about the person I still am yet to be.  So...bring on 2011.  I am ready...I think my glass is just half full.  

I am ready for to keep filling the rest of my life up ...and to fill it to the brim!


Anonymous said...

God Bless you in the new year. You are an amazing young woman and I love you Donta Donta. HAPPY NEW YEAR. BRING IT ON....

Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

Happy New Year and may your cup is filled to the brim all year with Love, Hope and Peace! You deserve a year full of happiness!!! Love you my friend!!!!

Myrtle's Mayhem said...

You are awesome..and that's a FACT! Happiness to you in 2011! xoxox