Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Whip" and other 4 year old adventures

There are so many fun things about being 4 years old. Cooper lives in that magical world that involves learning, growing, eating and playing.  Everyday is an adventure and it makes my heart swell with joy to see his eyes light up when he learns something new. There are so many funny things he is saying and doing now that I just can't capture them all!

- The other day we went back and forth as he told me he wanted me to sing the "Veggie Tales WHIP song"....I could not for the life of me figure out what he was saying. "I don't know a WHIP song" I would protest and he got more and more frustrated and said "WHIP not WHIP".  He finally pointed to his LIP and I was like "OHHH LIP" and he said "YES!  I said WHIP!"

-He now cries at church at communion.  He "is a good boy and wants a cookie too".  He is very upset he is left out.  He pouts the whole way back to our pew as Grammie and I explain he isn't old enough for the host.  He still "wants a cookie"

-Cooper loves to play make believe (I am "Peta Pan" British accent like the stage play he watches over and over), He is Captain Hook.  Woody and Buzz are STILL an almost daily event with all the Toy Story characters getting in on it.  Zurge steals Jessie, Lotso pushes all the toys in the garbage....all variations of parts of the movies really. Last night we played "photographer" he snapped pictures on his fake Buzz Lightyear camera while I pointed out imaginary animals all around the house.  

We still both treasure bath, book and bedtime routine, it is hands down my favorite time of the day.  Now he shares with me parts of his day, who is his best friend at school this week, who is in heaven and if we can fly there on a plane. Conversations are getting more mature, more interesting and I am learning way more than you'd imagine!

 I am sure I will still be wanting to snuggle and rock him to sleep well into his teen years.  I doubt he'll still want to share so many moments of his day but I hope so...rocking to sleep...optional!  Just kidding :)

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