Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

 The Easter Bunny came early this year.  And by early, I mean middle of the night early! You could see yesterday we went to Kiwanis Island's Easter Egg Hunt and Cooper got to meet the Easter Bunny there.  It was a nice day and there has been a cool breeze in the air.

For Easter Sunday,  I had decided I really wanted to attend Z88.3's Annual Easter sunrise service at Sea World and doors opened at 5:30am....service at 6:30am.  I set my alarm, but excitement over the Easter Bunny got Cooper up at 3:00am.  We tried to sleep for the next hour when I decided to give into his early early early enthusiasm and just go with it.

It was a perfect morning, we played his new game, ate some chocolate and then got ready to head to Orlando.  We got there 20 minutes before doors opened...and I got amazing seats for what was an AMAZING sunrise service.  

As a Catholic I have to tell you..."Bless me father"....I LOVE evangelical services.  LOVE them. Seriously I can't explain to you the difference but it's like yoga vs running. Both good, but both totally different paces.  I love them both, but after sitting in a seated position meditating and repeating AMEN in a congregation where the median age is 70 for most of my life, this knocked me out.  Maybe it was the technically set stage, maybe it was SELAH leading praise and worship, it could have been that I have read Angie Smith's blog "Bring the Rain" for the past 3 years and she was speaking...maybe it was her message "God is big enough, strong enough and has a plan for each of our lives" that I needed so badly to hear.  If not for Cooper and the over 6,000 people next to me...I would have sat and wept.  Big old "Oprah ugly cry tears", they were just under the surface and I almost lost it more than once. But then I opened my eyes, and the sun had risen and people were spontaneously lifting their hands in praise.

 And so did my boy.  It made a Catholic mama proud to know he experiences and participates in all types of services and can worship anywhere, anyway. I am a closeted I have outed myself of Easter 2012...ha!

We came home to then do the Egg hunt the Easter Bunny left and I am now fighting off a nap...if Cooper can go now to 1:30pm without even closing one eye...I can too.

We have a ham ready to put in and I am starving since my sugar high has burned off so I better sign off...Happy Easter :)

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