Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer fun, Disney and on being DONE!

I have truly been enjoying the summer so far!  Not working always feels so good for the first few weeks....I wonder when/if it will get old. Chrissy and the kids are visiting Florida for a few weeks so we have been spending a lot of time together.  
The kids really play well and that makes life so much easier when they are all entertaining each other!

Cooper and I have been hitting movies...3D of course.

Tropical storm Debbie came through and we had about a week straight of rain!  It was so needed but we are too spoiled with our need for constant sunshine.

We were so happy to bring Erin and Brad with us to Disney...we did a day at the Magic Kingdom this past weekend.  It was SOOOO HOT!  Remind me to NEVER do that again..I know we had to because it was the only time they were in town was too hot really to be out there all day like we were.

We are so excited the 2012 Summer Olympics is starting soon. We have been watching the trails for swimming and gymnastics.  Cooper loves to now use the stop watch on my phone and time our "diving" and swimming. For the record, he can swim underwater from the shallow to the deep end in 13 seconds.  The kid is seriously a good swimmer.

On the home front, the house continues to linger on.  I have completely emptied it out, almost completely with just me and mom's help.  I was lucky enough to have Kevin come help move the furniture and the big stuff....all my worldly possessions are now confined to a 10x10 storage unit. It is both terrifying and freeing at the same time.

I can't let today go by without recognizing the 4th of July.  Since we are Disney spoiled I opted to skip local fireworks, to be honest...nothing beats Disney so why bother sitting in the heat again in crowds locally for a mediocre show.  
 Captain America below enjoyed the day swimming, mom and I think it would have been Phina and Pop's 70th Wedding Anniversary today.  

We have decided to go back to Colorado Springs with Chrissy and the kids so we leave on Monday.  So...more to come from a less humid climate and we are thrilled that the bad fires have been contained and hopefully will be cleared before we get there.

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