Monday, September 24, 2012

Firsts!! Lost tooth and my work!

 Today my baby lost his first tooth.  He went to school all dressed and ready for school picture day, proceeded to get his picture taken and then go back to his classroom, sit at his desk, give it one last wiggle and it fell out!  He was very happy to have a friend bring him to the school nurse to get his little tooth necklace to carry it around all day.

 We have eagerly been awaiting the tooth fairy. He is so excited for her to come. I hear a front tooth is worth $5.  Cooper thinks you get coins....not sure what she will bring...we'll see what he is expecting.  I have to tell the story of this "tooth box".  This beautiful box was handmade by Jake's Uncle Bill who is an amazing man, only second to his wife Aunt Nancy whom Hope and I traveled with, did girls weekends and has just been an amazing woman to know and love.  Clearly these people are in Jake's family but not actually blood related to him.. it makes a lot of sense now doesn't it? We packed this box from Florida and kept it nearby knowing we would need it sooner rather than later and I am so glad we did, Cooper has had it on his beside for weeks now, and today when he came home from school he put it right in the box.  I am so happy to have something special like this and to be loved by such cool amazing people whom without Hope I would have never known!
In other firsts news, I started my new job today and LOVE it! I had so much fun AND feel so challenged. As a teachers assistant, I start off a local preschool and then at lunch go to Cooper's school.  We get to have lunch together and I am in the other Kindergarten room the rest of the afternoon so I get to see him at recess and when they join the classrooms! 

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