Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wishing Star Farm Part 2

Last weekend we packed all the fun into the amazing weather that we could! I hear there will be snow on Thursday and Halloween is typically cold and snowing...so we shall see.  Sunday after the longest church service Cooper has ever sat through, I gave him the choice to pick what he wanted to do that afternoon.  He wanted to see "the big pig" I saw with the preschoolers, so off we went to Wishing Star Farm on a beautiful but windy, dust stormy kind of day!

I only  had my cell phone but I know you'll enjoy the pics :)

(this picture above was to prove I LIVE in jeggings and boots..yes, I said JEGGINGs! You can't really tell from the pic I am sorry.  Old Navy calls them "Rock Star Skinny Super Skinny Jeans" but all I know is I had to buy a size up so I didn't look like I was wearing second skin but I don't care and I want them in every color!)

For the record, I did go down that slide with Cooper, but no one could document that so I am lucky! ha

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