Saturday, December 8, 2012

Santa's Workshop at North Pole Colorado

We headed out today in about 35 degree weather to spend the day at Santa's Workshop.  We were bundled up and ready to truly was a magical and fun day.

The park was designed in the 60's by a Disney's Imagineer (Cooper loved hearing that part on the train ride) and the original rides were so much fun. No lines, no rush, a really nice fun day.

A few of my favorite moments was stumbling upon "Santa's Chapel" it was so cute like the rest of the village and it had a big bell for the kids to ring.

 This picture below cracks me up....Chrissy brought Tori since she is training for therapy dog and is currently an "emotional assistance dog" so she can get into public places.  She truly is a good dog and wonderful to have around...doesn't she look like she is saying here "These people have no idea what they are doing?" as Chrissy looks at the map.  ha

Another favorite moment was the antique carousel.  All rides you could have adults on and if you were too short you couldn't go on without a parent.  I didn't know Cooper was to short for this ride and needed me so instead of getting on one of Santa's reindeer, as kids were running around screaming looking for Rudolph, Cooper sat on a seat and pretended he was Santa driving the sleigh.  I love that kid!    

This was a Candy Cane Roller Coaster and now after looking at the pictures I can see why Cooper has started putting his hands up on rides, I was having a great time and kept putting my hands in the air I guess.  Ha

They had a small petting zoo area that we only walked time when there are so many cool rides to ride.

 Like the "Space Shuttle". This was my last ride only because it made me sick!  See below... :)

So Chrissy had to ride with Cooper because I was done!

Then so was she! (ps- Mike was still lost with his emotional guide dog so that is why he missed most of the day. We had no cell service up there so once we got separated, that was it until much later in the day)

 For lunch we got lucky and got a super warm table inside this little cabin, right behind us in those windows, THE REAL SANTA! came up and waved and said HI!  The kids went bananas (he was coming back from a break at the 2 hour line at his house) so we were THRILLED he came to us and we didn't have to wait in the line to see him :)

The shopping was great and we loved looking at everything in all the stores.

It was a great day and I hope to go back there again, it really was a fun experience. Motion sickness and all :)

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