Saturday, February 16, 2013

Big Horn Sheep Day

 What an incredible day it was today!  High of 59, clear skies and Cooper and I have this 3 day weekend all to ourselves.  I started the day at "Big Horn Sheep Day" at the Garden of the God's Visitors Center where I misunderstood what was happening but it worked out.

First of all, when I got on a bus to take us to a location to see the big horn sheep, I had "petting zoo" in my head.  Yeah, No. You come out here to a spot and they have lenses for you to look at to see them out there in the mountains.  You can imagine we didn't see much.

My Nikon is needing repair so I was dying having to use my iPhone for all my pics but they didn't come out all that bad.  Back at the visitors center Smokey the Bear was there, we had lunch at the cafe with AMAZING views and Cooper did crafts.

For the record, when I read "kids will pet animals" I didn't know THIS was what they meant.  

 After that I decided I needed to make up for the animal confusion and head straight to the Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs.  What a cool place!  We had such a fun day and for dimes and quarters you can do a lot. I loved all the vintage games, we walked all downtown and window shopped. It was a great day :)

(this store below...everything 50% off, those wagon wheel, a vintage sled for $30, all kinds of cool stuff I was dying to decorate with)
(this pic below is because I had a belt just like this when I was like 10...oh the memories :)

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