Monday, April 15, 2013

Onward and Upward

 It started out at 4pm on a Saturday looking like this.  A few personal items and a bunch of nothing. We waited and waited to hear from the movers.
 When they did finally arrive, they couldn't bring the truck back to my unit and ended up walking my stuff down the street and up to the apartment.  Mike "the Foreman" checked off all the items off the list. And Thank God he did, I couldn't remember a thing that was coming barely.
 By 7pm Chrissy and Sandra had done basically my whole kitchen. The kids camped out in Cooper's room watching movies while we handled the mess of the move.

We have a beautiful view of the Cheyenne Mountain Range from my front porch.
From the bedrooms we can see Pike's Peak (with snow right now)
Cooper has been playing in his room non stop, stuff is a mess, but it's so nice to have our stuff again!

(Right now I love to look at my sea shells with the mountains in the distance)

We are getting settled and still moving onward and upward!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. Did the movers sing and dance like they do on the Disney channel? Did Nina come? Coopers Daddy