Monday, October 14, 2013

1st Grade, Becoming a Cub Scout, Turning 6 and other milestones I haven't blogged about

This amazing kid turned 6 last month!  The next day his left front tooth fell out!

 He got a lot of great toys for his birthday, if you haven't gotten a Thank You card yet he is working on them :)

Cooper is now a Cub Scout.  A tiger cub. Selling popcorn, again, thanks family for stepping up!

For his 6th Birthday, we went with his best buddies to an AMAZING Boy Scout Camp in the mountains for a "Shoot R EE".  BB guns, paint balls, archery, etc.

We really had a wonderful time, Rob came into town and was able to do all that shooting stuff with Cooper. It was a great birthday!

In other news, Aunt Mary passed away.  Avante was a such a special time I got to spend with her. The collage below is from our time together there. So sad to see the last of the Costa's gone.

 The reason I haven't been blogging much is because I write every day as a content writer for  6-8 articles a night depending on the day of the week (more for weekends).  I love that creative outlet and to be able to make money at  second job working from home.  The staff picture is below from our staff retreat the other weekend.

We visited Happy Apple Farms again this year but with the Bogart family. It was so fun and I made fantastic applesauce again this year. Lots more fun fall things coming up I am sure I'll make time to post.  It's such a beautiful time of the year here!

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