Friday, January 17, 2014

Glasses and Cub Scouts Trips and Sick days

After Christmas break we have eased  back into school routine, but not without some hiccups.

Cooper's report card came home with concern that he's not progressing as expected.  I have them watching him closely since he's the youngest in his 1st grade class and would be in Kindergarten back in Florida.  He's doing well in most things but struggling in math and some spelling/writing. He is working so hard on his reading, I feel like maybe we let the other's slip? I am not sure, he works so hard. 

After thinking it over, I remembered that he got a referral from the school health aide to get his eyes checked.  She said he seemed to say things were blurry when she test him in Nov.

So this week I took off and we went to the eye doctor. Mother of the Year here I remembered nearly 2 months later. 
Low and behold the poor kid can't see and is getting new glasses when they are finished next week.

I hope that helps with school and that eye strain has been the problem with school work.  We shall see.

We came home from the eye doctor and he hasn't been right ever since. Seems he's gotten a virus and 104 temp we are trying to control as it goes up and down these last few days.

Naps on the couch have been great, if it weren't for the "nap interrupter" below!  ha

We did manage this week to make it to the fire station on Ft Carson with the cub scouts and hope to be well enough to make the Colorado College Hockey game this Sat night.

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