Saturday, May 9, 2015

End of school fun- Last days of 1st grade...part2

Our days are numbered for our 2nd year of 1rst Grade!  I have so loved this bonus year, with a new job (which I am LOVING by the way at Walsworth Yearbooks), it's been such a blessing to have Cooper in the same classroom with the same teacher for the second year in a row.  He really belongs here with his peers, all 7 year olds like him and I am glad I chose 1st grade as the year to get him in line with his peers.   He's been doing a lot of reading and LOVES participating in all the spirit week activities at school. 

(mix match day)

 (time travel day, Cooper chose 1950's)

 ( he loves watching movies at night on his iPad...Grammie it's still the BEST GIFT EVER!)

(we love all the kids in his class this year and whenever we can even walk home from school with them we do!)

Young Authors and Artists night was another fun event at school this year.

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