Monday, December 8, 2008

Dazed and Confused

This pic is one of my new recent pics....look how Cooper and Christopher are like"wait, you have my's my Barney!"...what? Dazed and Confused...that's me these days.

This weekend Jen was here and she had a great visit with Hope but had to say goodbye and catch her flight back home this afternoon. I know she was glad she came to see Hope and Hope had such a smile on her face I heard to see her! Lifelong girlfriends are such a gift.
Last night we drank Sangria spritzers and ate pasta ( my two favorite comfort items!) Jake even came over and attempted to watch the recorded PATS game with Rob (before the game Jake caught the ending of the movie the Cutting Edge..can you believe it was on tv last night Meredith?) Cooper has a slight cold/fever again so Rob and I were in and out of the room most of the night trying to get Cooper down to sleep. I am hoping to wake up tomorrow and get out of the dazed and confused feeling I have had the last week or so. I hate the "foggy brain" feeling and today I pulled up to the wrong side of the gas pump to get gas for the car...I feel a bit out of sorts.

I hope to get some Christmas cards done and out this weekend. Rob got a tree tonight even though we swore we wouldn't do one this year. After all this, I felt like I needed the tree as comfort somehow...I am sure I'll change my mind tomorrow after Cooper tries to rip it down!


Myrtle's Mayhem said...


robinbrittagain said...

you could get one of those play yards from walmart and put the tree in the middle of it...the cutting edge...i got the girls to love that movie! ahhh...the next generation!

J said...

Enjoyed staying with you immensely. Too bad we don't live near each other...

We got the tree too---my Jake is already looking at it like, "Oh yes, you are coming down..."

Are you feeling that whole "must think of other things" thing right now?