Thursday, February 12, 2009


Confession #1:

I got laid off on Monday. I got the "it's not you it's us" speech as I was told "adios" while 40 others from my company got the same news. The company blames the ecomony, I blame the jerk they hired to manage us last year. I saw this coming for months and already have another job in the wings...praise God. I still feel mad though and they can kiss my......(photo above).

Confession #2:

Since Monday though, I have LOVED my time with Cooper (going to swimming lessons, getting his haircut, napping and catching up on tv while he naps) ROCKS and I secretly am thrilled to have the stress of that job off my back.

Confession #3:

We are letting Cooper have more "naked time" around the house...he loves it.

Confession #4:

Naked time is restricted to Cooper only....Rob thinks our neighbors may not want to pop over unannounced anymore if we open it up to the whole family...I think he's right :)


Myrtle's Mayhem said...

is naked time part of crazy hour? it's better to just get it all over with at the same time. however,I will warn you to watch for leaks...!!! :)

J said...

Naked time rocks!
Time at home with Cooper does sound nice...good to hear you have another job ready though! That was quick!

Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

Sorry about your job, but things always happen for a reason. I know it sounds corny but I think it is true. Naked time is good, after being in a diaper all day, he needs some air!!!:) I hope your new job is way better and more fun for you!