Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Typical Tuesday

We are getting into a nice routine here at home. Not officially working feels so good. We had another great swim lesson today, Cooper swam underwater toward the teacher, I was so proud of him. Pop Pop even came to watch.
Cooper also helps me clean...yes...with this tongue on the sliders.....that can't be a good habit but it makes me laugh :)

We have been having "art" time everyday and Cooper sometimes manages not the eat the crayons...oh and I so LOVE nap time...today I gave myself a facial and watched HGTV while he napped...so great!

I have been working with Rob with the new software sales company so Cooper is off to Grammie's tomorrow. I have been working every other day and when I feel like it and it just feels so good :)

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J said...

That's how I feel for the first few weeks of summer. :) He's so cute, AM.