Saturday, May 30, 2009

What's up?

Our weekend is turning out really nicely so far...even though Cooper has had a fever. We think it's the teeth coming in and he is not eating. As you can see, I dragged out some baby food thinking something soft and cool would help but...he made this mess the second I turned my back. Ice cream seems to be the only cure for the "getting new teeth blues".

Kimmy and Trey are back from their week in Tampa and we took the boys back to the beach this morning and they leave really early tomorrow morning. Even though Cooper had a fever we thought we give it a try at the beach and he seems better now this afternoon. We shall see.


Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

I love the picture! The vitamin D from the sun and salt air probably freshened him up a little. I remember my kids at his age would get a fever for no real reason that I could tell and not eat and then a couple days later would be fine and back to normal. It could be just one of those childhood virus things too. I wish we lived closer to a beach sometimes but I am glad other times we don't. Miss you guys!

Myrtle's Mayhem said...

Word to yo' momma

J said...

Stoppin' by to say heyyyyy