Friday, December 18, 2009

Trying to exhale

We are in a holding pattern...waiting for my grandmother to pass. Cooper is the first to tell you she is going to heaven to be with Pop Pop and we have to say bye bye. We have been holding like this for days...I am sure it won't be much longer.

I am tired. I am numb. I want to bake from my grandmother's Christmas recipes and eat until I myself can't breathe anymore.

So....bread is rising on the countertop, chocolate is melting on the stove...and I am considering baking strufoli (honey balls).

Rob's family is coming tonight for the weekend to celebrate Christmas and to have Britany and Christopher's Bday party. I am excited about being with the kids but I am hiding the saddness that my family here on earth is getting smaller...again.

I guess I'll just eat my way through it...don't you wish I was a runner and could run my way through it? Maybe next year I'll take that up the meantime...bring on the baking.

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