Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday odds and ends


This week has gone by so fast..hope it has for you.

This week has been filled with Pinocchio. OVER AND OVER again we have watched this movie and sung the "Got no strings" song a gazillion times. Cooper won't let go of "No-Kee-O" (thanks Aimee for the Disney bath toys!) and Rob and I are repeating the moving lines in our sleep now. Can't wait to move on to a new obsession. This is partly my fault for getting him ready for the "Mickey Ship" and showing the Disney movies...but I had no idea how much in love he would be with Pinocchio!

We have also been watching Britany's Air Force Gymnastics Team compete in the National Competition in Texas. Taylor flew out to cheer on her sister and I love that I can log on line to watch the meets. I stole this picture of thier facebook account...I am sure the girls won't mind. Brit's routines keep me captivated everytime I watch them....she came in 3rd place on the beam yesterday....again...she is amazing. It's been a nice little added fun in the week to watch the meet and see her in action.

So this weekend I plan on getting our yard cleaned up...the winter was hard on our plants and it's time to clean out the flower beds. Also we are getting ready for Jim and Dennis to visit. They are driving down and come on Monday afternoon!

So....TGIF again!

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