Monday, November 15, 2010

ROAR says the lion, "Bring on the martinis" says the momma!

Cooper and I have been on the go!  Saturday we drove down to the Miami area to see my dear friend Jennifer before she leaves to go to Maryland for cancer treatment. I blogged it and shared some pics over on my photography blog
On Sunday we met Steve and Janeen and their kids and went to Lion Country Safari.  I will spare you all the animal pictures but the highlights were the Ostrich's pecking at the cars, the zebras running past our car and my favorite...the Rhino. The size up close and the skin is just amazing to me....seems so pre-historic!

Cooper was "ROARING" at the Lions!

It was so great to spend time with good's so good for the soul!

 Cooper was thrilled to ride the camel and feed the giraffes. The kids are so close in age they are perfect to play together and Cooper had a blast.

Back to reality, I start a new job on Dec 1 and my photography business is picking up!  We have really been busy lately and the only time I have been slowing down is to stop and have martinis with girlfriends (appletini to be specific...not replacing my love of sangria...just mixing it up a bit!) 

I am really looking forward to this holiday season and the new year....only a few weeks left of 2010...bring it!

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