Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend This and That

I can't believe it's November already! So to catch up from the last few days...
Friday night I participated in a Chamber of Commerce Expo and had a table displaying my photography. I was a bit uncomfortable at first since it was my first time doing something like that for myself, but everyone was so nice and the networking was fantastic!
It was BEYOND windy and it got so cold, I kept having to move around my things and lay the pictures down for fear of everything blowing to the ground.

 I was the event photographer so I really didn't stay at the table, I was busy roaming around, eating the food and chatting.  I know it sounds so glamorous but the truth is I still am sick since now I have a terrible cough.  So I tried not to choke and cough on people, but I ate something on accident with jalapeƱo and managed to grab a napkin and run as it choked and cleared my congestion.  I also was going to take a picture and backed up and ran into an entire display..." way to go Ace" I thought to myself as I tried to recover as I heard things behind me crashing to the ground. Our long time hairdresser and her mom who does massages were the organizers....such sweet, calm women.
 Ginny and Claudia loved everything I was doing even if I felt like I was wrecking the place, I was where I was supposed to be for ribbon cutting, etc. trying not to cough or sound like I had walking pneumonia. 

Saturday we went to Meredith's for Brody's belated birthday party and to celebrate Meredith's big forty (posting for THAT tomorrow!) So today Cooper and I met up with Jim at downtown Disney and at the last minute, Chrisie happened to call me and tell me she was visiting Bill and Ashton so we all ended up meeting up. I seriously can't believe it's been 15 years since I started volunteering at Camp Good Days and Special times with the 3 of them.  I realized today that most of the decade of the 1990's was spent at a camp ground in cabin with them and kids with cancer. How did I do that?  At the time I had lost no one personally to cancer, I was young, naive and truly adopted the camps motto of "just let kids be kids"...good thing I never really let the reality sink in too much.
Cooper had a blast with Jim as they danced and played on the big stage. The weather was so great and the company not so bad either :)

Happy November!  So glad there is a chill in the air...hope it lasts!

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